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Artikels over Tarlov-cysten

Jaartal Artikel
1959 ·       Perineurale wortelcystes (Padberg)
2000 ·       Migrosurgical treatment of symptomatic sacral Tarlov Cysts (Mummaneni et al)
2001 ·       Tarlov cysts: study of 10 cases with review of the literature (Henderson et al)
2006 ·       Surgical results of sacral perineural (Tarlov) cysts (Tanaka et al)
2011 ·       Tarlov cysts: a controversial lesion of the sacral spine (Park, et al)
2012 ·       Chapter 115: Tarlov cysts (Feigenbaum et al)
2015 ·       Symptomatic cervical perineural (Tarlov) Cyst: a case report (Zibis et al)
2016 ·       Electromyograhic Abnormalities Associated with Symptomatic Sacral Tarlov cysts (Hulens ed al)

·       Painless legs and moving toes syndrome associated with a Tarlov cysts (Alrawashdeh)

·       Surgical excision of symptomatic sacral perineurial TC (Elsawaf, Awad, Fesal)

·       Symptomatic, operable Tarlov Cysts: a myth or a reality (Kothari et al)

·       Tarlov cysts: long term follow up after microsurgical inverted plication and sacroplasty (Weigel et al)

·       Treatment of 213 patients with symptomatic TC (Murphy, Long et al)

2017 ·       A Novel Collaborative Protocol for Successful Management of Penile Pain Mediated by Radiculitis of Sacral Spinal Nerve Roots From Tarlov Cysts (Goldstein et al)

·       EMG and a review of the literature provide insights into the role of sacral perineural cysts…

·       Management of Symptomatic Tarlov Cysts: A Retrospective Observational Study (Jiang et al)

·       Minimally Invasive Treatment for a Sacral Tarlov Cyst Through Tubular Retractors (Del Castillo et al)

·       Neurological and Spinal Manifestations of the Ehlers–Danlos Syndromes (Henderson et al)

2018 ·       Can patients with symptomatic Tarlov cysts be differentiated from patients with specific low back pain based on comprehensive history taking? (Hulens et al)

·       Effectiveness of Surgical Treatment for Tarlov Cysts: A Systematic Review of Published Literature (Dowsett et al)

·       Presacral Tarlov Cyst as an Unusual Cause of Abdominal Pain: New Case and Literature Review (Wang et al)

·       Spinal cysts : Diagnostic workup and therapy (Simgen)

·       Successful spinal anaesthesia in a patient with a Tarlov cyst (Pfund, Cyna)

·       Tarlov Cysts in a Woman With Lumbar Pain (Lantz et al)

2019 ·       Hydrocephalus Associated with Multiple Tarlov Cysts (Hulens et al)

·       Symptomatic Tarlov cysts are often overlooked. Preprint (Hulens et al)

2020 ·       Electrodiagnostic Abnormalities Associated with Fibromyalgia (Hulens et al)

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